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Free Zones in Abu Dhabi – Best Free Zones Abu Dhabi Visa Provider

Abu Dhabi is nevertheless the largest trading port linking west and East of the world. Foreign company Formation in Abu Dhabi is still having very high values among the international market. This is because there are new rules and law that features benefits for foreign company registration in Abu Dhabi free trade zone. An individual can obtain residency in Abu Dhabi through various ways. One of the most urgent matter is to apply for a visa the right way- not just for business owners, but for their colleagues, business partners, domestic staff and family members. As there are more than 45 free zones in the 7 emirates, all the government matters are done by each respective Emirate.

Free Zone Abu Dhabi – An introduction

A free trade zone in Abu Dhabi is an area within the UAE separate from the rest of the region in which all kinds of goods are used for the trading purpose. Goods can be introduced regardless of the nature, source, origin, nature or place of arrival. These goods are not subjected to import duties or any other hidden taxes. An Abu Dhabi free zone is a perfect place to attract foreign investment by:

  • Allowing Offshore ownership
  • Allowing Tax exemptions
  • Making general trade easier for individuals and companies
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Fast immigration process

There are two options for applying for a free zone visa in Abu Dhabi:

1: Outside the country

This process if for those clients that want to work outside the region. For this purpose, an Employment Visa Entry Permit(EVEP) will be settled at the immigration section at the Abu Dhabi airport. This visa is the initial state for clients entry.

The client is required to stay in the region for the clearance of other visa matters, such as Emirates ID application, visa stamping, medicals, insurance etc. All of the processes can take approximately 14 business days.

2: Inside the country

This applies to clients that are already available in the region via tourism or residence visa. In this case, all the documents and testing will be held by the respective Emirate government. This process is lengthy as compared to apply from outside the country and could take approximately 20 business days.

The Free Zones in the country are a part of Emirate Ambitious Diversification Pursuit (EADP), which is entitled to increase the local economy. The free zones in Abu Dhabi include areas such as logistics, local and international industry, media and light. An independent Free Zone Authority (FZA) is responsible for all the business operation documentation. Investors can register their ventures as Free Zones Companies (FZC) or Free Zone Establishment (FZE).

Advantages of Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Several reports suggest that the Free Zone establishment has helped UAE become a commercial hub for many businesses operation around the world. Each Emirate free zone has its own pros and cons. Here are some notable features of Abu Dhabi free Zones.

  • Complete ownership of your company – even if you’re not a UAE national
  • Easy transfer of Capital and profits in full form
  • Exempt from export and import duties
  • Exempt from Corporate and Income taxes
  • Eliminates the agreement of forming a partnership
  • Special consideration in terms of procedures, appointments, and investments in the region
  • Benefits of Currency Control, customs duties, taxation and much more
  • No restriction in more than one activity
  • Fast government process for permits and licenses
  • No restriction for employing manpower and suitable accommodation in the region

List of Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

Most of the Emirates in UAE have set up Free Zones to boost their economy and promote both domestic and international investment. There are 8 free zones available in Abu Dhabi to set up a new business organization.

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)
  • Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone (ADPC)
  • Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
  • Masdar City Free Zone
  • Twofour54
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone (ADGMFZ)
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)
  • Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)

Free Zone Visa Abu Dhabi

Applying for a Visa in Abu Dhabi is a very straightforward process. There are, however, few limitations that an applicant should be aware of before applying. First, you have to ensure that your passport is valid for at least seven months and contains three empty pages for the stamp. Finally, there are a few countries that have specific requirements. It’s important to check all of these requirements and fully understand the terms and conditions.

How to apply for Free Zone Visa Abu Dhabi?

Here are five simple steps that are used to apply for a free zone visa in Abu Dhabi.

Step 1: Register for E-Channel Services

This is an online process and requires you to submit your documents using an E-Channel service. Unlike traditional methods, this system removes all the paperwork and makes the job a little bit easier. Simply instruct your PRO agent or authorized center to register your company online. After this, you have to pay the mandatory registration fee and a refundable security fee.

Step 2: Employment Visa

After completing the first step, you’ll need to apply for your entry permit in the region. This is a temporary visa know as an employment visa which is valid for only 60 days. These permits are usually issued within the 15 working days after you have paid your registration and security fee.

Step 3: Status Change

Once you receive your entry permit, now it is time to activate it. This process is known as status adjustment or status change. There are three different status changes that you will see during the process – In country, out of country and border run.

An in-country status change is to simply submit your passport to immigration who will activate your employment visa. In case you’re outside the country then an out of country stamp is applied by the immigration officer to activate your visa. Finally, visa-on-arrival travelers are eligible for a border run visa. This visa entails exiting the UAE by land with an exit stamp and then re-entering to obtain an entry date stamp. We strongly suggest you contact PRO service officers to know fully about the Out of country and border run status change.

Step 4: Emirates ID registration and Medical test

A medical fitness test is compulsory to apply for Emirates registration. The test includes a blood test for any infections and a chest X-ray. After your reports are marked as completed, you can apply for your Emirates ID card. This is a National Identity Card that you must carry out with you all the time. It is used for many functionalities like opening a bank account, buying things from the region and much more.

Step 5: Residence Visa Stamp

This is the final step which refers to obtaining an actual UAE residence sticker in your passport. To obtain the visa stamp, you must submit your visa with some additional documents to your relevant immigration authority. This process with take an additional 15 working days time and during this process, you’re unable to travel outside the country.

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation

After you have received your free zone visa, now is the time to register your company. For a company registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, you must register as:

  • A Free Zone Company
  • A free Zone Establishment
  • A Representative office or a branch

Difference between Free Zone Company and Free Zone Establishment

A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a company with a single owner or a single shareholder whereas a Free Zone Company (FZC) is a company wherein partners are allowed with two or more shareholders. In both cases, the local partner is not required.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business Free Zone Abu Dhabi

  • Passport copy of shareholders
  • Company application form
  • 2-3 company’s suggested names
  • Number of visas required
  • Photographs with white background
  • Professional Reference Letter
  • Summary of Professional history
  • Nature of business activity
  • Proof of Address

Some additional paperwork is required for specific business activities.

Importing and Exporting in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

You can import and export goods in the Free Zone region without paying any customs duties. Although there are some prohibited goods that you can’t bring to Abu Dhabi. These goods include:

  • Narcotics
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  • Inflammable goods
  • Radioactive materials
  • Harmful products

Why choose Abu Dhabi as your Free Zone business set up?

Every Emirate in the UAE offers a variety of incentives for every investor around the globe. Here you can start a business with low charges and flexible facilities. With the global trend in the economy, Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority is the best place to set up your new or existing business. Company formation in Abu Dhabi needs decision making and planning to settle all the legal formalities in the right way.

Setup Abu Dhabi Business has a specialized team of PRO professionals with higher expertise in every nature of the business. We help you form your company in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority by taking care of the recruitment prerequisites, visa processing, banking, registration and licensing. Contact us for company formation in Abu Dhabi Free Zone and get a free quote from one of our representatives.


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