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PRO Services Abu Dhabi

For a business organization handling all the application processing and documents can be a time-consuming task. On the other hand, this is the most crucial task in building a successful business. It can be challenging for business owners to properly handle all the requirements with the required period of time. Same as all companies in Abu Dhabi requires the services of Government Liaison Officer (PRO) that are required for the formation of a company. These services are used when you’re not familiar with all the current economic state and government bureaus requirements. Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi has a number of predefined procedures, formalities, and cycles. These services play a significant role in company formation and other important factors.

Setup Abu Dhabi offers Government liaison, PRO and employer support services to guide all the local and foreign business set-up in Abu Dhabi Mainland and Free Zones. Setup Abu Dhabi provides effective third-party PRO services to a wide range of Multinational and small business enterprises across the UAE.

We provide reliable and cost-effective services for MNEs as well as SMEs corporations. Through our experience, we have built a reliable relationship with the Key government bodies, allowing us to provide an effective process for our clients. Our specialists will sit down with you and will discuss all your needs and demands. Afterward, we will provide you with the best bespoke plan that specifies your needs. This allows minimum extraneous expenses and maximizes your resources.

Our PRO Services In Abu Dhabi Includes:

  • Employee and Resident Visa
  • Emirates ID card
  • Investor, Mission and Family Visa
  • Copyright/Trademark Registration
  • Government Approvals and NOC’s from Ministries
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Transfer of Sponsorship
  • Offshore Passes
  • Passport Clearance and many more

Our Abu Dhabi PRO includes standard attestation of documents from government sectors. We can prevent costly and inefficient delays to your business operation either it’s new or currently functioning. Our team keeps clients Up-to-date with all the progress during the process, leading to a transparent, honest and long term relationship. Whatever you are establishing an office branch or a new entrepreneur setting up your first company, we will guide you will all the process and ensure you that your time and resources matters to us. Together we can help you to cross every complex step in your operation growth. We also provide PRO services for Company Formation, Company Liquidation and for Visa Processing.

Our PRO Services For Company Formation:

  • Licensing and Registration
  • Memorandum drafting
  • Office setup in Abu Dhabi
  • Employee Visas and labor cards
  • General Document Clearance
  • Trade licenses
  • Trade Name change
  • Notary Public attendance
  • Transfer of sponsorship
  • Labour Quota Application

Our Services for Company Liquidation:

  • Preparation of audit report
  • License Termination
  • The closing of bank accounts

Why choose Setup Abu Dhabi for PRO services in UAE?

Setup Abu Dhabi provides full ongoing support for daily operations and professional services with government ministries. We provide the best and affordable hassle-free business set up in Abu Dhabi. To ensure that we deliver on our dedication, we at setup Abu Dhabi will dedicate a separate contact person with whom you can communicate you ongoing matters.


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