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Local Sponsor Services

Local Sponsor is a term used to mention a local service agent or nominee shareholder in any country that has foreign investment in the mainland company. Those wishing to invest in the UAE by setting up a business organization are required to have an agent or local sponsor. The sponsor has to be a UAE national with a Gincia card. Operating a business outside the Free Zone authority requires a local sponsor to be compulsorily appointed.

These sponsors serve as a representative to the UAE government. A local partner who understands all the company’s needs and demands is an achievement for a corporate objective. There are three general types of Local sponsor in the UAE. Among them, the selection is based entirely on your business activity.

Types of Sponsorship in Abu Dhabi

A sponsor can connect you to different networks, partners and organization resources to help you expand your business. The type of local sponsor that you choose for your company is a very important task. Here we have provided three types of local sponsorship that can help you grow your business.

Individual Sponsorship – applies when you have an individual capacity that becomes your sponsor. Works when you want to set up a limited liability company or a trading company.

Corporate Sponsorship – When a company holds more than 51 percent of your shares and the company is owned by individuals or a group of local or international partners. Works when you want to set up a trading company, manufacturing or a limited liability company.

Local Service Agent – When a professional entity wants to set up your business such as a doctor, or an artist or an engineer etc. The entity represents the company in all administrative dealings and other legal formalities. Works when you want to appoint for a professional license, representative office or a branch of the foreign company.


Why choose Setup Abu Dhabi as your Local Sponsor?

Setup Abu Dhabi is licensed as a national provider of local sponsor services to foreign investors. Our local sponsor system is designed to provide the highest level of support to both domestic and international investors. We provide an in-depth analysis of your scenario without wasting your precious time and therefore offer two quality sponsorship options:

1: Establish a Branch Company

A branch company is completely owned by the client and contains international or local partners that best suits your organization.

2: Establish an Open LLC company

In the form of Sponsorship, establish a limited liability company which divides the shares between sponsor investor. Based on the requirements of your business venture, we will launch an easy process based on quality and will find the best candidates that suit your budget profile as well. Our local sponsorship system has the following features.

  • Multi-national companies and SMEs
  • Qualified and Professional individual
  • Well connected in business matters
  • Business companion
  • Reliable and Linguistic

We provide regular update status reports to our clients so they can grow their business ventures. Feel free to contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.


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