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Managing your company’s corporate tax and providing the right consultancy for a tax exception.

Local Sponsor Services

Local Sponsor is a term used to mention a local service agent or nominee shareholder in any country that has foreign investment in the mainland company. Those wishing to invest in the UAE by setting up a business organization are required to have an agent or local sponsor. The sponsor has to be a UAE national with a Gincia card. Operating a business outside the Free Zone authority requires a local sponsor to be compulsorily appointed.

These sponsors serve as a representative to the UAE government. A local partner who understands all the company’s needs and demands is an achievement for a corporate objective. There are three general types of Local sponsor in the UAE. Among them, the selection is based entirely on your business activity.

Types of Sponsorship in Abu Dhabi

A sponsor can connect you to different networks, partners and organization resources to help you expand your business. The type of local sponsor that you choose for your company is a very important task. Here we have provided three types of local sponsorship that can help you grow your business.

Individual Sponsorship – applies when you have an individual capacity that becomes your sponsor. Works when you want to set up a limited liability company or a trading company.

Corporate Sponsorship – When a company holds more than 51 percent of your shares and the company is owned by individuals or a group of local or international partners. Works when you want to set up a trading company, manufacturing or a limited liability company.

Local Service Agent – When a professional entity wants to set up your business such as a doctor, or an artist or an engineer etc. The entity represents the company in all administrative dealings and other legal formalities. Works when you want to appoint for a professional license, representative office or a branch of the foreign company.


Why choose Setup Abu Dhabi as your Local Sponsor?

Setup Abu Dhabi is licensed as a national provider of local sponsor services to foreign investors. Our local sponsor system is designed to provide the highest level of support to both domestic and international investors. We provide an in-depth analysis of your scenario without wasting your precious time and therefore offer two quality sponsorship options:

1: Establish a Branch Company

A branch company is completely owned by the client and contains international or local partners that best suits your organization.

2: Establish an Open LLC company

In the form of Sponsorship, establish a limited liability company which divides the shares between sponsor investor. Based on the requirements of your business venture, we will launch an easy process based on quality and will find the best candidates that suit your budget profile as well. Our local sponsorship system has the following features.

  • Multi-national companies and SMEs
  • Qualified and Professional individual
  • Well connected in business matters
  • Business companion
  • Reliable and Linguistic

We provide regular update status reports to our clients so they can grow their business ventures. Feel free to contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.

PRO Services Abu Dhabi

For a business organization handling all the application processing and documents can be a time-consuming task. On the other hand, this is the most crucial task in building a successful business. It can be challenging for business owners to properly handle all the requirements with the required period of time. Same as all companies in Abu Dhabi requires the services of Government Liaison Officer (PRO) that are required for the formation of a company. These services are used when you’re not familiar with all the current economic state and government bureaus requirements. Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi has a number of predefined procedures, formalities, and cycles. These services play a significant role in company formation and other important factors.

Setup Abu Dhabi offers Government liaison, PRO and employer support services to guide all the local and foreign business set-up in Abu Dhabi Mainland and Free Zones. Setup Abu Dhabi provides effective third-party PRO services to a wide range of Multinational and small business enterprises across the UAE.

We provide reliable and cost-effective services for MNEs as well as SMEs corporations. Through our experience, we have built a reliable relationship with the Key government bodies, allowing us to provide an effective process for our clients. Our specialists will sit down with you and will discuss all your needs and demands. Afterward, we will provide you with the best bespoke plan that specifies your needs. This allows minimum extraneous expenses and maximizes your resources.

Our PRO Services In Abu Dhabi Includes:

  • Employee and Resident Visa
  • Emirates ID card
  • Investor, Mission and Family Visa
  • Copyright/Trademark Registration
  • Government Approvals and NOC’s from Ministries
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Transfer of Sponsorship
  • Offshore Passes
  • Passport Clearance and many more

Our Abu Dhabi PRO includes standard attestation of documents from government sectors. We can prevent costly and inefficient delays to your business operation either it’s new or currently functioning. Our team keeps clients Up-to-date with all the progress during the process, leading to a transparent, honest and long term relationship. Whatever you are establishing an office branch or a new entrepreneur setting up your first company, we will guide you will all the process and ensure you that your time and resources matters to us. Together we can help you to cross every complex step in your operation growth. We also provide PRO services for Company Formation, Company Liquidation and for Visa Processing.

Our PRO Services For Company Formation:

  • Licensing and Registration
  • Memorandum drafting
  • Office setup in Abu Dhabi
  • Employee Visas and labor cards
  • General Document Clearance
  • Trade licenses
  • Trade Name change
  • Notary Public attendance
  • Transfer of sponsorship
  • Labour Quota Application

Our Services for Company Liquidation:

  • Preparation of audit report
  • License Termination
  • The closing of bank accounts

Why choose Setup Abu Dhabi for PRO services in UAE?

Setup Abu Dhabi provides full ongoing support for daily operations and professional services with government ministries. We provide the best and affordable hassle-free business set up in Abu Dhabi. To ensure that we deliver on our dedication, we at setup Abu Dhabi will dedicate a separate contact person with whom you can communicate you ongoing matters.

Company Formation Services

Business structure in Abu Dhabi is broadly divided into Companies, Sole proprietorships, and partnerships. All of these have their pros and cons. Most people prefer a company organization. Because it is a separate legal entity. This means that the owners don’t have to worry about other parts of the organization, they can spend their most time building company accountability to extend their ownership of the company. In UAE there are seven independent regions know as Emirates. Each having their own terms and condition for setting up a business. One of the most famous emirates is Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the UAE, that contains more than three-quarters of the countries area. The City has been investing a huge amount of money to extend the economy in all region of the country. Despite holding almost 10% of the worlds oil reserves, Abu Dhabi is also investing heavily in tourism, local and international companies developments, retail and real estate.

Advantages of Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Each emirate in the UAE has its own features and benefits that share unique functionalities among others. Here are some features that will benefit your organization in Abu Dhabi.

Strategic Location of the country

Located at the center of the worlds most developed regions like Asia, Africa, and Europe, UAE enjoys excellent trading conditions. Every third party country uses the UAE as their way of transportation. Like China uses UAE to reach Africa, Latin America uses UAE to reach South Asia and Western Countries uses UAE to reach out the Middle East. This is the perfect spot for company formation in Abu Dhabi

0% Corporate and Personal Taxes

A company located in UAE’s Free Zones are required not to pay any corporate or Personal Taxes. They can enjoy their complete profit and capital.

Low Import Duties

Most of the companies are paying very cheap import duties for their goods arriving in the UAE. Also if your goods are arriving in the Free Trade Zone region, then you don’t have to pay any import duties at all. This is the reason Abu Dhabi is considered as a major company formation in Abu Dhabi.

Global Trade Hub

Abu Dhabi opens the door for every foreign legal entity to extend its organization in the city. The average tariff rate for good importing in UAE is 5% but the company is packed with tons of features like Free Trade Zones that offers quality benefits.

No Double Taxation

The best part about the UAE is that there are no hidden taxation feeses that you have to pay later. The UAE has signed a Double Taxation Agreement with many countries around the globe.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi occupies a premium location between Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin Amerca. This is the reason why it has access to the rest of the world. Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi has a flexible procedure. Unlike any other country, it takes a matter of days to complete your organization documents and getting a business license if you complete all the legal steps.

Types of Companies that can be registered in Abu Dhabi

There is a number of options available for setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. For a company stated in the UAE, they must engage either a UAE national Agent or UAE local partner. For a company stated outside the UAE that want 100% ownership, here are the names of the countries that you can register in Abu Dhabi

  • Civil Work Company
  • Foreign GCC Branch
  • Representative Office
  • Branch of Foreign Company
  • Branch of Freezone Company

For a company that doesn’t want full foreign ownership can register as:

  • Sole Establishment
  • A Limited Liability Company
  • Local Branch
  • Sole Partnership L.L.C
  • Public/Private Shareholding Company
  • Partnership

Steps for Company Formation In Abu Dhabi

Here we have listed the most important steps to set up your business in Abu Dhabi.

1. Determine The Legal Form

It includes a clear understanding of the nature of your business and how it is evolving in the country. Since all the legal procedure and fee may vary for every nature of the business.

2. Find a Local Sponsor

As per by the rules, a foreign company must have a service agent which is a national of UAE. This will facilitate all the necessary licenses and legal agreement of the company.

3. Registration of Activities and Trade Name

A trade name is the most common step in the business industry. A trade name should be registered from the Department of Economic Development.

4. Business License

Now is the step to apply for a Business license. Here are the names of the business license that are issued by the Abu Dhabi Licensing Authority:

  • Vocational License
  • Tourism License
  • Industrial License
  • Commercial License
  • Agricultural License
  • Professional License

5. Getting Approvals from Government Authorities

A foreign investor is required to get approval from the following Government Authorities:

  • Abu Dhabi Customs Authority
  • Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Health
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Central Bank
  • Medical Council
  • Supreme Petroleum Council
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Abu Dhabi Distribution Company
  • Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Abu Dhabi Customs Authority
  • Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

6. Initial Approval

An initial Approval from General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs(GDRFA) is required for foreign investors. This allows them to practice their desired business activities in Abu Dhabi.

Want to Set Up Your Abu Dhabi Company Formation?

We at SetupAbuDhabi Business helps our clients to get all the required documents, approvals and legal agreement from the business and Government individuals. Our firm has helped many potential clients for setting up their company formation in Abu Dhabi Free Zones and Mainland Company. Our team of dedicated individuals has expertise in:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Tax consulting
  • Legal Advisory
  • Auditing
  • PRO services
  • Company Registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Branch Office in Abu Dhabi
  • Legal Sponsorship
  • Intellectual Property Protection

We will assist you to plant your very own first business organization in Abu Dhabi with all the legal and 100% government approved documents and will ensure that you will get all the facilities in the region.